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Loved every minute of the journey!
An Idea Is Born!

DeeDee’s Designs is a business I founded in 2016 and currently operate. It all started when I was 7 and my grandmother showed me the joy of sewing. Life went on and this was a huge hobby for me. I started making baby blankets for friends as gifts later in life, which lead me to find my true passion, embroidery. Then I started getting orders for embroidery from friends of friends and realized this is what I wanted to do as a career. Within the following months the demand for embroidery services grew so rapidly that orders started coming in from local businesses, schools, and sport teams. It didn’t take long before DeeDee’s Designs was recognized as a local embroidery company.


Came to Diane @ DeeDee's Designs twice: - Once to fix a favorite plaid shirt of mine (dad has matching one) - Again to have a blanket made for my daughter. Shirt is good as new, which was impressive since I thought it was toast, and the Disney blanket is so adorable - my daughter loves it!! She's very easy to work with & very skilled at what she does! Go to her for work, she's the best!


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